empty toilet tissue rolls, toilet tissue scraps, cardboard, discarded packing paper, acrylic

54" W x 39" L x 54" H

During March/April of 2020, images of long crowded lines, shopping carts full of bulk toilet paper, and empty shelves made headlines and filled newsfeeds. Panic begot more panic and while what was ahead of us was unclear and terrifying, we sought clarity and stability in the small ways we could gain control. As the world hoped for a swift return to the “before times” it was clear that the power of capitalism remained robust. In the midst of layoffs, closures, and remote existences, the billionaires healthily grew their wealth.

The empty toilet tissue rolls were collected from March 2020 to January 2022. Written on the base of the pyramid are MDCCLXXVI, MCMLXXXI, MMXX, MMXXII.

Wrapping segments of toilet tissue rolls with discarded packing paper

Joining segments into a twisted form