ceramic, handwritten notes

approx. 5' H

As a Korean American immigrant in the US, whose family functioned within the cultural heritage of honoring the patriarchy, there was little evidence during my formative years that a female held equal value to a male. Witnessing daily that women serve without complaint while men demonstrate power through physical force and aggression, my small efforts to be heard and seen were met with punishment.

In “Backbone,” 33 cerramic vessels are stacked and each hold handwritten notes of personal life events and experiences to metaphorically grow a spine. Just as each of the 33 individual bones of the human spine are essential to the strength of the central support system, an imbalance of a single vessel may cause the entire structure to collapse and expose the notes within. When a collapse occurs, another 33 vessels will be erected amongst the rubble, once again waiting for the effects of time and environment.