yard waste compost, ground cover perennials

20' x 40' 

Old Stone House Museum and Historic Village (Brownington, VT)

The Assembly Quilt is a living sensory earthwork installation to connect the history and dimensions of Athenian Hall's assembly hall with the outdoor environment that surrounds it. The 20’ x 40‘ quilt invites gatherings outdoors and metamorphoses throughout the year -- recognizing and respecting the passage of time, witnessing shifts in climate, and advocating intentional interactions with the space and the people in it.

The bed of the Assembly Quilt reimagines yard waste as a foundation to spark dialogue on the ways in which humans exist and impact the environment. The quilt blankets an undulating landscape composed of carbon-rich brown and nitrogen-rich green organic materials harvested from the museum grounds during the spring of 2022. The once-living leaves, sticks, and vegetation bestow fertile ground for physical and sensory connection. One hundred and eighty hardy groundcover perennials that can withstand light foot traffic unite the twenty “quilt blocks” and invite the community to release fragrance with each footstep and touch.

Every degree of human interaction leaves an impression and multiplies with each participant, impacting the form and structural integrity of the artwork.


• Total dimensions: 20’ x 40’ (800 sq. ft.)

Size of Athenian Hall’s assembly room

• 2’ wide mulch around the perimeter

Homage to the 20” thick walls and mimics quilt binding

Contains creeping perennials using natural trench edging

• Base of yard waste collected from museum grounds

2-3 mounds within perimeter to create undulating landscape

• 20 sections of low-maintenance ground cover perennials

Represent the 20 dormitory rooms inside Athenian Hall

• One large granite boulder with 2.5” hole

Symbol of the many granite boulders that once dotted fields

Demonstration of a possible method Alexander Twilight implemented

Represents the cornerstone



Interpretation of Korean sitting mats or bangseok (4' x 4') assembled from waterproof canvas that doubles as bloom transition keys. Blooms transition from May thru September. 

Aerial view of completed Assembly Quilt with sitting mats.