21" H x 15" WPaper mache(Project demo for Art II & Art III)

The sculpture was inspired by the six circus references. The word "circus" evokes nostalgic images of a vintage red and white big top tent that houses a variety of acts, animals, and oddities from a time gone by.

As a student teacher assisting students with this project, I connected with the idea of a ringmaster. The ringmaster presents the talent and guides the activities.

The body of the sculpture is an expression of the circus tent. The large green eye is prominent due to the visual nature of the circus. Senses come alive during the show but vision is the primary sense utilized. The head is tilted up to engage the viewer. Consideration was given to acrobats and how this creature might help them prepare the safety nets.

The paint is added in layers and some layers wiped off after application to create a stain. This adds depth and value to the uneven paper mache surface.