hydrangeas, lavender, found packing materials

36" W x 72" L x 11" H

Honorable Mention 2021 Arts Connect at Catamount Arts Juried Show (St. Johnsbury, VT)

One morning in early fall 2021 I woke up completely enveloped under a blanket with the exception of my hand. I was instantly reminded of my youth when this was a typical occurrence. The only evidence of my existence under layers of blankets was a single exposed hand or foot, a form of temperature control. I connected this memory to the inconsistency in the temperature late summer/early fall 2021. I thought about the natural cycle of flora and the effects of these inconsistencies. The hydrangeas were harvested at different stages of their lifecycle. Some were picked early spring prior to the inception of this piece. Most during September through late October providing a diversity of values from light pink to magenta to ochre to brown.

Hydrangeas in September

Temp Control is a temporal artwork that will dull and degrade over time, exposing the plastic and brown paper packing materials underneath. Our dependence on the convenience of online ordering has a tremendous impact on our carbon footprint contributing to climate change. The ochre flowers selected to cover the stomach, heart and right arm are the most decayed and demonstrate the beginnings of its degradation.

Close up of artwork in progress

From the gut to the heart the heat rises

A storage container/pedestal was created to house and display Temp Control. The overall size is approximately the size of a standard twin bed. The weaving on the exterior mimics the basket used to collect the flora.

Weaving the exterior of container

Container with lid

Artwork inside container

Container used as pedestal