Artworks constructed from discarded books from local bookstores and libraries. The pages are shredded and then blended with water to create pulp. The cellulose from the pulp eliminates the need for adhesives due to its naturally binding properties. Organic materials such as blueberries, raspberries, coffee, tea, blood oranges, leaves, and flowers are included in the composition for color and texture.

I tore out a magazine article to preserve a quote by Dan Hackett and noticed a block of vibrant pink on the back side of the page. I was inspired to shred the paper and play with the solid color and the texture created by the text. Dried lavender and hydrangeas are added to frame the three-dimensional form created by the paper.

"Truly great artists - the ones that shape the zeitgeist - have bravery to take themselves seriously. Never irony - honesty is the coin of their realm. The willingness to look a fool. The audacity to be earnest. The confidence to be vulnerable. " - Dan Hackett